I thought you were the real one
I thought I was you only
But now everything we had is gone

I hate your gilt-edged stare
It always melts my heart out
It makes me more pensive
God I hate myself now

Those memories you have me
I’m trying to forget them
But I can’t forget something
So beautiful and precious

Damn I really hate myself
Damn I hate you
But why should I do something
I normally don’t do?

"I love you, I miss you, I want you"
I said
But I know that you won’t take me back
Since u left me for dead

"Why?" Is what I think of
“Why?” Is what I say
Why the fuck are you in my head
Every single day?

Those things you gave me
Those things we shared
I don’t want to burn them
Because I still care

It’s not fair you left me like that
It’s not fair at all
It’s not fair that u left with all my
Rêves, de joie et moi.

You make no sense
Your so confusing
You compare your pain with mine
Shut up and go start musing

I know I had problems
I know I had issues
That’s why u left me for him
And now I miss you

Go ahead day it’s false
But you know it’s true
Like really?
You get leave someone the day you get back with an old youth?

I don’t care what you call this
You can even call it a diss
I don’t give a fuck no more
Since you treat me like piss

Can’t believe that I still love you
This is extremely painful
I can’t
I’m not saneful

I don’t know what to do
As time comes running by
But the one thing that I’m scared of
Is that very last


✖️Alejandro Aldama✖️